I went into to the dance world with TANGUERA in 2007.

Following my education as a fashion style designer, I kept on my design career in the top fashion market in Istanbul and now I continue with shoe design.

Following my experience with Tango dancing in 2006 I noticed the poor quality in dance shoes and I went into this business with enthusiasm and with my passion for design. I am here now with all my experience and love since the first days I started in my small boutique in Moda, Istanbul.  I have designed thousands of shoes and my craving for better design still persists. I still dream of a new model while a pair is born in the skilled hands of my masters. My shoes are produced with love, with keen eyes that look, able to see and consider all details for your comfort. This is a kind of love you feel for a kitten… No difference at all…  The material we use in our shoes are selected with utmost care. We never use any material that does not satisfy us. Naturally all our leather shoes and inner linings are 100% genuine leather. No odor, and colorfast. The balance of our heels are perfect, just because they are installed by the most experienced and skilful master in the market. So are the quality of our upper sole stitches; They are flawless…

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We are a team of perfectionists who never ignore even the smallest detail. We may start to know each other by a pair of shoes you buy but we never forget you. We are always ready to fulfill your needs and provide any support that you may need in the future.

I am pleased to meet you

Me, Handan Tanır,

Welcome aboard…

Address: Bağdat caddesi Yolaç Plaza No:32 Kızıltoprak / Kadıköy34725 Istanbul, Turkey

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Our Address:

Bağdat Cad. Yolaç Plaza77-78 No:32 Kızıltoprak/Kadıköy İstanbul


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